Thursday, January 19, 2012


First off I have to tell you how stoked I am that my soulmates made this piece come alive with me and helped me awaken the spirit of Iseejanemary even more. Here's a big shout out to you magical creatures, you are truly amazing!

Jennifer Maasdamme, Mama & Papa, Tariq Nahar, Diantha Rodrigues Pereira & Raul Maduro.

The mixed media piece GOD IS DEAD. I KILLED HIM & I'M GLAD, is about portraying the experience of finding one's self. A phenomenon that no human can escape but all 'forget'. The purpose of the piece is to depict the artist's personal journeys from 'The outside world' to 'The inside self' by using JANEMARY (Illustrator Jowy Maasdamme's brain child) as a personal guinea pig.

The artist's journey & JANEMARY's journey from ISEE to IFEEL are the aftermath of the murder of the God outside. The implosion. The added video art as well as the sound design are aimed at illustrating JANEMARY's universe. In this self designed reality she searches & collects her pieces to get back to her true essence.

You already SEE JANEMARY, now come feel her.

-Tribu Maluku

This project is a collaboration:

ISEEJANEMARY (Illustration)

Olga Feather (Visual Art)

Olga Feather ( Sound Design )
Tariq Nahar (Sound Design)
Raul Maduro ( Sound Design)

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