Monday, February 20, 2012


ISEEJANEMARY’S new project is called FACE ME and is a part of Museumnacht Rotterdam on the 10th of march 2012.

That night the city will again turn into an explosive epicness of art and guess what; YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT ALL! You even get the chance to be a part of and start your own art collection right then and there! Costing you next to nothing; only €30 y'all !

So before giving you the juicy details on how to take part in this project, check out the video:

Wanna play? Here are some instructions:

- Send a photo of your face to
- Choose an illustration style from the picture on the wall (ISEEFACE ME #1, 2 or 3)
- Pay your curator fee
- Come FACE yourself & pick up your art work
- Hang it up where you’d never hang a mirror!

Photo requirements (see examples):
- Face front
- Hair pulled back
- Highest resolution possible (200-300 pixels high)

Details about your first personal art piece:
- Piece: A glossy Black and white print (20 x 30cm)
- Price: Only 30 euro
- Deadline for payment 29th of february 2012

Some other important ‘need-to-know’ stuff:
- ONLY 20 applicants can participated; so be quick! (one application per person)
- ONLY transformations after payment confirmation
- Any additional questions; email ISEEJANEMARY

After all of the above has been completed, a confirmation e-mail containing a code will be send to you. With this code you can pick up your own ISEEJANEMARY print on the 10th of march 2012 at the Chabot museum in Rotterdam, as well as see yourself as part of the whole.

A few last words, before leaving you to contemplate how beautiful YOUR face will look in this project;

They say curiosity killed the cat. ISEEJANEMARY says; WHO CARES? Be curious anyways and apply for your first personal piece of art!

FACE ME on the 10th of march at the Chabot museum in Rotterdam.


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