Sunday, June 9, 2013

I SEE...Obsession is possession

©           Mode    Arnhem    Biennale   2013  Fetishism  ISEEJANEMARY     Jowy    &    Jennifer Maasdamme  2013        Copyright            infringement        is        a          criminal offense 

- speed illustrations I made (under 2 minutes per sketch) at MOBA 2013-

Frog tie, ball tie, hogtie, leather, rope and sturdy cuffs. 
Few of the first things that came to mind when we received this years invite for the ‘Arnhem Mode Biennale’ (M°BA 13) 

Topic: Fetishism

This choice, in itself an obvious one with the popularity of books such as the trilogy written by E.L. James also known as ‘the fifty shades of grey’ collection, quickly rising in popularity. 

But however this must not become a restrictive corset. Fetishim is more then the mania for an everyday object to be perceived as a sexually aroused stimulant. 

On it’s own this topic entails an obsession for all that can be obsessed about. Not just loving shoes and collecting every kind there is. It’s the obsession to love A shoe and collect all the shoes out there just like it. The need to have, hold and posses not just for sexual but foremost for esthetic reasons.

Walking around the many participating locations, I see conscious and neurotic repetition of specific subjects such as religion, infantilism, etiquettes and protocols. But also the repeating of folkloric colors overly represented by the many shades of green. Not to forget the recurrent designs, seen on the catwalk, to complicated to actually wear. Typical fetishism. Typical of todays fashion.

Nothing is new. Everything has been done before. Bohemian. The roaring twenties. Black and white. Baroque and so on… A continuous repetition of all that has already been created, as if obsessed, not being able to let go of all that already exists.

Reading my own words, I almost make this business of contemporary fashion sound monotone and creationless. But don’t get me wrong, maybe it’s just our human obsession to reproduce that which has already been produced in a way that it’s unique. A fetish with reinventing the wheel again and again while claiming all credits.

Maybe it is THIS challenge that makes fashion dynamic even if sometimes it’s seems like it is standing still.

My obsession. Possessing the understanding of what it is that makes and breaks that what we call fashion nowadays.

After today’s event I must admit I am a step closer.

- text & photography by Jennifer Maasdamme -

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