Thursday, February 28, 2013

I SEE... Paris, Mugler and Pugh..Oh My

©                  fashion collaboration   ISEEJANEMARY     &    SHOWstudio     2013   Paris Fashion   week    Day    2           Copyright            infringement        is        a          criminal offense 

Day 2 of covering Paris Fashionweek A/W 2013 has just finished...Oh My, I have to admit it's even more of a challenge than I thought, I stroke my beloved black skull and  
Producing sketches on the spot means you have little time to think about a theme or how you feel, actually there is no time to think period. It helps if you are calm and collective. Which I am not. I am chaotic and turbulent yeah this is the perfect challenge for me. It has all the learning ingredients I have wished for. I tap my skull, sip my tea and whoosah!

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