Friday, March 1, 2013

I SEE...More of Paris

©                  fashion collaboration   ISEEJANEMARY     &    SHOWstudio     2013   Paris Fashion   week    Day    3           Copyright            infringement        is        a          criminal offense 

Day 3: 
If I'm not happy with my illustration I can't put it on Tumblr/Blog/Facebook or anything..I have tried, but I end up not being able to sleep, waking up at three in the morning to delete the illustration that I put up. 
Sketching away until I found it. IT!?
But what is it ? What I am looking for?
When you have to produce many a sketch a day it's much easier to grab your bag of tricks and draw. But when I put my hand in the bag, a trickster bites my finger, I can't do bores me. I want need to try something new all the time, I like to surprise the viewers I share my illustrations with, but most of all I need to surprise myself. That's it, surprise!...Let's go Day 4!

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